About us

About Us

CamAgra Investment Group Ltd

CamAgra Investment Group Ltd has initiated a large-scale operation of Acacia plantations in Cambodia. The reforestation activity started in 2003.

​CamAgra is directly involved in building and putting into action systems for an environmentally sustainable and socially conscious business. The company plantations are situated on lands that were deforested long ago and stripped of any productive value. The strong demand for wood materials places our silvicultural businesses to great advantage in terms of export of product.

As a socially compassionate business, CamAgra benefits the local community in many ways. People in the rural areas traditionally have very few employment opportunities. By creating new income sources in these areas, CamAgra is helping to improve the livelihood of working families. The company employs about 500 workers and provides them accommodations on site, two schools for their children daily including transportation back and forth to the schools, medicine, food, and attention to all their other needs.

The company is also involved in local and national activities. We donate Acacia seedlings to the villages around us and we established a forest plantation for a commune in Kampong Speu province. We support students who want to make their final thesis in our farm. We participate in national committees and meetings dealing with forestry issues, representing the private sector.